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  1. ΒΏCould you add VLC ad default Media player to avoid the instalation of codecs after the OS instalation?

    1. Hi,

      VLC uses the libqt libraries and the installation of those packages needs about 110MB of disk space.

      Today, there isn’t a functionally RSX driver that allows to play videos, and for now I prefer don’t to include it on the LiveCD to not increment the space needlessly. πŸ™‚


      1. Hello,

        Is there no way to play video in RR?

        Is there anyway this will be implemented in the future? Would definitely install it if xmbc would work but maybe that is alot to ask for?

        1. Hi,

          Red Ribbon includes MPlayer to play videos, but there isn’t graphics aceleration because the RSX driver is still in development. When available I will include it on Red Ribbon. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, Adobe hasn’t released a flash player for PPC, the PS3 architecture.

      There is an alternative called Gnash, but It doesn’t support the latest Flash version πŸ™

      You can install it with Synaptic package manager.


  2. Please add support for Arduino. Basicly a working pre compile RX / TX Library (librxtx-java (2.2pre2-10)) would be sufficient. It would be so amazing to use my Arduino or MakerBot from my PS3.

  3. Hi. I want to ask about this:
    In Ubuntu with Gnome2 is ability to have widgets—one is my favorite–CPU Frequency Clock Monitor.
    I do not know if in LXDE-Environment actually exist “Widgets”?

    Can you add them to LXDE for PS3 in Red Ribbon Distro?

    I think it is very important because CPU in PS3 sometimes becomes really hot.

    Can you help with that to all ps3 Linux Users?

    1. Yes, LXDE has a temperature monitor and a frequency widget, but It is necessary to implement the system calls on a kernel module to recognize this devices.

      It is possible that in the future this functionality can be implemented, but for now it is not available.


  4. I have some other questions:
    I installed in Red Ribbon through Synaptic Package Manager—-Gnome-panel,
    but it does not look like Gnome2 at all.
    So questions is:
    Can you create in future 4 versions of Red Ribbon?
    1.Red Ribbon LXDE Edition;
    2.Red Ribbon GNOME2 Edition;
    3.Red Ribbon KDE Edtion;
    4.Red Ribbon XFCE Edition.

    I know that LXDE is the most lightest Desktop environment, but still I like better Gnome or XFCE. XFCE also is very light one. Also can you include more software to Red Ribbon from startup.
    Also I think that Red Ribbon has to have more wallpapers of desktop and have more options to customize its look.
    Also I have problems with keyboard layouts. I need to have to languages in Linux–Russian and English. But Red Ribbon only allows on keyboard layout,English or Russian —but not both at the same time. Can it be somehow fixed in future?

    Also when I change in Petitboot videomode to 133 —I have Red Ribbon in nice 1080p full screen filled in, but next time when I start Petitboot—it has videomode0—and my Linux is not fills in full screen.
    I tried to change it in Linux itself through nano —saved it–but it gives no effect. I think that Petitboot is somehow responsible for that. Is there anyway to set videomode 133 in Petitboot and save it?

    1. Gnome was updated to 3.4 version on Wheezy repositories and it uses gtk3. The Gnome 2 version was not continued, but there is a fork called Mate.

      The PS3 have 256 MB of RAM and only 220 MB are available to be used by GNU/Linux. Also, there is available the RSX RAM, but It is insufficient to have an acceptable performance using KDE or Gnome.

      Before I decided to use LXDE, I tested first using XFCE but the performance wasn’t optimal. If you prefer XFCE, you can install it using Synaptic Package Manager.

      About the keyboard configuration, I will implement a keyboard switcher on the next release.

      To configure de video mode, you need to change de kboot config file. You can read about this on the “Setting the TV resolution manually” at the Red Ribbon wiki.


  5. Not sure that you can be contacted so having to post this here.

    Does this have full access to the hardware of PS3, such as PPE and all SPEs? As seen in YDL distros.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Yes, Red Ribbon uses the two PPEs and the seven enabled SPEs of cell (the 8th SPE has been disabled during manufacturing).

      You can verify it by executing the next command on a terminal:

      cat /proc/cpuinfo


  6. Hi, could the patched kernel source tree be made publicly available? If it already is then please provide a link. Thank you for your work in producing recent working distribution.

        1. Hi,

          The OpenCL packages are available at the Debian repositories.

          You can install them using the Synaptic Package Manager.


  7. Now that there has been a gitbrew RSX driver (module?) for Free BSD and an OpenGL RSX driver from Alex Betts that wrote RSXGL, will Red Ribbon be using any of the code from either in the future to allow 3D Acceleration and speed up Linux?

    I can’t wait until we see RSX fully supported in Linux. We have seen Hypervisor hacks and full 2D access but now it looks like good progress to full 3D Acceleration is being made.

    1. Hi,

      Actually, the main handicap when you play videos using a web browser, is because many of those videos requires the Flash Player plugin and Adobe has not released a version for the powerpc platform.

      Regardless of Flash Player, yes, you will need the RSX driver to get an acceptable performance when you are using a web browser or a desktop video player.


  8. Hi there,

    Love the distro!

    Any chance of getting compatibility with the Rii Touch 330 keyboard: http://riiminikeyboards.com/ ?

    I can connect it via Bluetooth and it registers activity, but neither the touchpad nor the keyboard keys work.

    I understand this is hardly a priority, but as they are a cool little keyboard and they work great on GameOS I figured there was no harm in asking.

    Keep up the great work!



    1. Hi,

      Can you try to pair the keyboard using Blueman?

      You can install it using the Synaptic package manager or opening a terminal and executing:

      sudo apt-get install blueman

      Then, you can pair the keyboard using the Bluetooth Manager (Preferences > Bluetooth Manager).

      Once paired, you can uninstall Blueman if you want. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi,

      Sorry for the delay.

      I’m not aware of this tool has been developed, but I think that It is possible to develop one based on the Estwald’s tool.


  9. Hi can you plz add zram http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zram – zRAM increases performance by avoiding paging on disk and instead uses a compressed block device in RAM zRAM typically averages a 3:1 ratio – that is 3Gb of virtual RAM into only 1Gb of physical memory. The ps3 has super fast ram so I can only see this being great for it it 3x the ram without any slow down and if you could add control fan speed at be nice too.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you very much. I’ll take a look πŸ™‚

      About the control fan speed, I’m not aware of this tool has been developed, but I think that It is possible to develop one based on the Estwald’s tool.


  10. Is there any way to move files from RedRibbon into GameOS? I see it mounted at “/mnt/ps3da2”, but it’s a “read-only filesystem”.

    1. Hi,

      GameOS uses a filesystem called UFS2. Unfortunately, the write access to this filesystem is not fully supported by the kernel. πŸ™


  11. Just a thought – have you tried enabling the zlib compression option for swap / virtual memory? I’d like to try this with the ps3vram module – attempted a compile tonight but it didn’t like 64K size- seems to compile with 4K though.

    Also – do you have a guide on how to use a custom kernel? Just wondering I will probably figure it out again soon, but it would be awesome to have this info. Currently compiling a Linux “Stable” 3.x.x kernel right now!

    Other thoughts – good work on the distro it’s pretty awesome!

    1. Hi,

      Yes, I’m testing Zram and Zswap to improve the system performance. Both modules have been included on the next kernel.

      I’m thinking about include ZSwap enabled by default on the next RC. πŸ™‚

      About the custom kernel compilation, you should download the kernel from the official website and apply the Gitbrew’s patches.

      To apply the patches, run the next command:

      patch -p1 < path_and_name_of_the_file_patch.patch

      Then, you can copy the configuration file from /boot to your linux directory and build the kernel following this guide.

      Best regards

      1. Thank you!

        It think the patches are no longer available publicly due to intervention in part by Sony.

        I look forward to your new kernel – if possible if you could include all of the Cell BE crypto stuff on that would be awesome too – modules for all of the crypto stuff mentioned in the make menuconfig – bottom options.

        Thanks again!

        1. Hi,

          The gitorious repository is not available for now. πŸ™

          OK. I will take a look and include the Cell BE crypto modules.


  12. I couldn’t find a place to report bugs, so I am posting here. Now that Red Ribbon is considered stable, I thought I should report a display problem. I downloaded Red Ribbon release 14.03 and I am running the LiveCD from Petitboot installed by Rebug 4.46; however, the video display is so garbled that I can barely read the menus. The same problem exists in all prior Red Ribbon releases I have tested. Changing the video settings has no effect (the actual screen resolution never changes). My PS3 model is CECHP01 and it is attached to a 1080p capable HDTV. There are no rendering problems with Petitboot — just Red Ribbon. Please contact me if you want to see screenshots (or let me know where to post them).

    1. Hi,

      It seems like the video mode was not autodetected properly. You can configure it using the “Video mode setup” tool and rebooting the system after, but it only works if you make an installation into an USB device or into the PS3 HDD. If you use the LiveCD without an installation, the changes will not be saved.


  13. For anyone interested in programming the SPEs you need to do a bit of set up as Red Ribbon isn’t set up for this out of the box.

    Note that you’ll have access to 7 of the SPEs under Red Ribbon Linux. The 8th is disabled to improve yield, as has been explained before many times.

    First, create an entry point for the SPUFS:

    # sudo mkdir /spu

    Create a mount point for the filesystem so you won’t have to manually mount after a reboot. Add this line to /etc/fstab

    spufs /spu spufs defaults 0 0

    Now reboot and test to make sure the SPUFS is mounted:

    # spu-top

    You should see the 7 SPEs running with 0% load average.

    Now Google for the following package to get the runtime library and headers you need for SPE development:


    You should find it on the first hit. Just unpack, build, and install it:

    # ./configure
    # make
    # sudo make install

    You can ignore the build warnings (or fix them if you have obsessive compulsive disorder).

    You can use pkg-config to find the location of the runtime and headers though they are in /usr/local if I recall.

    You of course need the gcc-spe compiler and the rest of the PPU and SPU toolchains but those you can install with apt-get as they are in the repos.

    It would be cool if Red Ribbon did all this out-of-box in the next release. πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy the extra 224 GFLOPs!

    1. Hi,

      You are welcome.

      Some users asked me about this because they needed it to run a utility to generate Bitcoins and I was thinking about to include it on the next online update.

      Thank you very much for your input. πŸ™‚

      Best regards

      1. Thanks! The less I have to do after a new release to configure the machine the better.

        I dig some digging last night and found this link which points to an old init script for Debian used to configure the PS3 including mounting SPUFS and creating a spu user to control access to the SPEs. You may get some ideas from it (or bring it back from the dead).

        Thanks again and nice work with this distribution. It’s very well put together and the only thing keeping the Cell relevant in 2014.

      2. Any chance of out-of-the-box support for SPE processors in the next Red Ribbon? The process above takes less than half an hour and could be automated in a startup/install script. It’s really fairly painless and enables the additional 7 SPE processors for use by applications. If not for the SPEs I would not even bother programming the Cell anymore. πŸ™‚

  14. I’m trying to use Sony PS3 bluetooth keyboard and having no luck. For some reason I am not able to see the keyboard in Blueman or HCI tools.

    The hardware is working fine, as I can pair easily in XMB before booting into Red Ribbon.

    Blueman is also working as I was able to pair with an HP tablet that I used just to test Blueman with another Bluetooth device.

    I ran “hcitool scan” and could not see the keyboard. I also had no luck with “hidd –search”.

    Any ideas on how I could debug this? Has anyone else had issue with Red Ribbon and Bluetooth keyboards?

    1. I managed to get the Sony PS3 keyboard working but it took some effort.

      What I found worked was to run “hcitool scan” from a terminal and while scanning switch to the Blueman applet. I could then see the keyboard. I then enabled authentication and was able to enter a PIN to pair with it.

      It automatically pairs up at reboot although I lose connectivity while in XMB and the Petiteboot sequence.

      I am not certain why the scanning does not detect the keyboard when running Blueman alone.

      1. Hi,

        Sorry for the delay.

        The XMB and Red Ribbon uses their own pairing configuration. I think that Petitboot allows the device pairing, but I haven’t tested it.

        Blueman seems having a bug when search some devices. I’ll take a look.


    1. Hi,

      Red Ribbon LXDE uses Openbox as window manager. You can select an Openbox session without LXDE on the login screen, but I think it needs some tweaks.

      I’m working on some installation packages to provide a taskbar and improve the user experience.


  15. hi R04drunner,

    yellow dog linux was one of the first linux distro when sony ofw support other os. The distro image include, inside the PS3/otheros folder, the otheros.bld that is necessary for install the distro on ofw 3.15 and previous version. Can you do the same to allow installation on ofw 3.15 with official support for otheros?


  16. Is there a way to get the linux kernel source released with this cd? Since gitbrew and all the other servers are down. I wish to move up to 4.0 but any source that i have compiled has not booted.

    1. Hi

      Yes, you can get the kernel source code executing:

      sudo apt-get install linux-source-3.12.6-red-ribbon-powerpc64-ps3

      Also, you cand download the kernel patches from here.


  17. In addition to spufs, please consider adding the IBM cellsdk packages. they would have to be converted from .rpm to .deb format. Also the architecture for the ppc64.rpm’s will have to be changed to match the powerpc64. I am struggling to do that.

      1. Is this distribution dead or are there still plans to release further versions? I’m debating whether I should sell my Linux-capable PS3 or hang on to it. It doesn’t look like there has been any public activity in a year and a half.


        1. Hi,

          Lately, I haven’t been able to dedicate all the time that I wanted, but I’m still working on a new release.


          1. Thanks for the update. For a long while the link here pointing to this page was broken:


            That left me with the impression the project had been abandoned. The SPUFS feature is critical because it allows us to program the Cell SPUs.

            Also, please add the RPMs for libspe (dev and runtime) if you haven’t done so yet. I left instructions for this back in 2014 (somewhere in this forum). That combined with SPUFS enables SPU development.

            Thanks for keeping this going. At this point, there are really no other distro options to keep this platform alive.

          2. Hi,

            Sorry for the late.

            Thank you. I have fixed all the links. πŸ™‚

            Don’t worry, the project hadn’t been abandoned. I’m working on a new version and it supports the SPU file system.

            I hope to release it soon. πŸ™‚

            Best regards

  18. I’m heavily interested in news about the aforementioned ZRam hack and would also like to know if the workaround by Exellis from 2014 about the 8th SPU still applies for the release of 2016.

    Also it would be great if we could somehow get the RSX running. Any news here?

    Right now I am planning compiling my first kernel for the PS3. Fingers crossed that this works!

    Please keep up your work!

    BTW: apt.redribbon.t15.org as repository doesn’t work anymore. :’-( Installed RR in July, but no chance here yet.

    1. Hi,

      I have tested the ZRam module but the performance was poor. I’ll need to do more tests.

      The SPUFS support will be included on the next release by default. About the 8th SPU, you can unlock it depending whether it is dead or not.

      I haven’t seen progress about the RSX driver for years. I think that this project has been discontinued. πŸ™

      I have fixed the repository. Please, download the latest online update and run it.

      Best regards

      1. Hey Ro4drunner,

        okay, then I’ll leave the ZRam stuff. Thanks for your testing and this valuable information!

        I already read about the 8th SPE in the Wiki, but thanks again for the link. Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention how this needs to be done. If you got any information here, please let us know!

        Regarding the RSX, unfortunately this is what I experienced so far too. It’s simply locked by Sony & Nvidia. Which makes sense, because Sony paid for it. I found info about the promising RSXGL: https://github.com/gzorin/RSXGL. But also here this project wasn’t updated since 2012. Okay, that’s the way it is. What a pity.

        I didn’t expect that your repo was fixable, so nice to hear that it’s back online! Respect! πŸ˜€ Will try to test it as soon as I get home. Thanks for your time here!

        If you would like to share how you compiled the kernel for your repo, please count me in and send my an Email! Most of the information I look up is years old and I don’t want to try this. The 3.12.x kernel line ran out in May 2017, I also found a tutorial for Debian 8.8: “Ps3 debian 8.8 Practice building kernel”, via ameblo.jp, translated via Google Translate. But: he didn’t succeed. :-/

        Thanks again for your time & effort, domo arigato!

        1. Hi,

          Sorry for the late.

          About the 8th spe, it seems that Sony have unlocked it since the OFW 4.70.

          Good news about the RSX: RenΓ© Rebe is developing an accelerated GPU (RSX) video driver. I hope we can enjoy it soon.

          The kernel compilation is easy. First, you need to install the following packages:

          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get install -y kernel-package fakeroot

          Go to your source linux directory and copy the config file from /boot renaming to “.config”:

          cp /boot/config-3.12.6-red-ribbon-powerpc64 .config

          You can costumize the kernel configuration using the following command:

          make menuconfig

          And you can build the kernel package:

          fakeroot make-kpkg –initrd linux-image

          Be patient, the above process will take a while.

          It will generate a linux-image-(version) deb package one level up, which you can then install with dpkg:

          dpkg -i ../linux-image-3.12.6-red-ribbon-powerpc64*.deb

          Best regards

  19. Hello R04drunner,

    yesterday I built the newest kernel available but unfortunately the machine didn’t boot it.

    In some other posts here you mentioned to patch it via patches from Gitbrew. Which of these patches? All of them?

    Also, after which step should the kernel be patched when building? After “make menuconfig”?

    Is there other afterwork to do after I installed the three new *.deb files?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,

      Yes you need to apply those patches before the β€œmake menuconfig” command, but those patches are not valid for all kernel versions. It is necessary to ajust them for each kernel version.


  20. Hi, i whant to ask about torrrent client support. is there any way to install some torrent client o red ribbon 14.03? Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      Yes, there is several torrent client available, for example Transmission.

      You can install it using the package manager (Synaptic) or opening a terminal and executing:

      sudo apt-get install transmission-gtk


      1. Hi, unfortunatly it says that : ”Reading package lists… Done
        Building dependency tree
        Reading state information… Done
        E: Unable to locate package transmission-gtk”
        So what is wrong? Also in synaptic package manager nothing found about torrent clients. I also wonder to ask about xarchivier – how to update or enable more formats to recognise, like rar, zip, etc…? Thank you.

        1. Hi,

          Debian has archivated de Jessie repositories and you need to update the sources.list config file.

          Please, open a lxterminal and download the file:

          wget https://redribbongnulinux.000webhostapp.com/downloads/online-fix-2019-06-05.sh

          Then, execute it:

          sudo sh online-fix-2019-06-05.sh

          I have published a new post about this

          About the compressed files, search the xarchiver package on the Synaptic package manager, then click on it using the right mouse button and enable de packages on the “Suggested packages” submenu.

          Sorry for the inconvenience.

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