Fixing the Online Repository

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux is based on Debian and uses it’s repositories to provides the most of the packages to install the applications.

Debian has dropped the support for PowerPC BE (the platform on which the PS3 is based) and has archived the Jessie repositories, but don’t worry, I’m working to solve this inconvenience.

For now, in order to continue using the Debian Jessie repositories, it is necessary to update the sources.list directory and change the lines “” to “”.

To apply the fix, you can edit the sources.list file manually or open a lxterminal and download the file:


Then, you can execute it:

sudo sh

5 thoughts on “Fixing the Online Repository”

  1. I can’t get any repositories to work, the ones here or any others, I can’t install apps that I download, when I finally get somewhere in the terminal it usually says like, failure, not found, the whole system is slow…it’s just getting annoying now, I’m starting to think installing Linux on my PS3 was a completely stressful waste of time.

  2. AFAIK there’s no way to “fix” the repositories, the most important repo was the security branch which definitely won’t be updated anymore by the Debian community.

    Also regarding applications: what you installed will stay there and can’t be updated to newer versions.

    What we could try is to build up our own repository with what is left on our machines. Furthermore we could try to get GitHub versions where applicable and merge these. It will be hard, though, to find repos online with buildable code.

    I stopped with updating mid 2018 when I found out there’s no way to get updates anymore for Debian 8. I went searching on IRC and there was mentioned a timeline on Wikipedia somewhere.

    So far I wasn’t successful in finding an alternative to this PS3 Linux distribution. It’s the best we still can use and should be thankful. I can prepare an image of the OS with which we can code and experiment with this supercomputer platform.

    All my work is available on GitLab, e.g. Debian versions of the latest Cell SDK:

    Would be glad if we could just keep on and work on code and apps together as we really aren’t many who do this. 🙂

    Cheers and best wishes

    1. Hi,

      I haven’t thrown in the towel. Debian has removed the official support for Powerpc BE, yes, but everything is not yet lost since the Debian unofficial port still exists.

      The bad news is that this repository is experimental and when I update some packages from that repository, the system becomes unstable, then I have to solve the new issues.

      I’m thinking of continuing with Debian/Jessie, but including the new necessary packages on the RedRibbon repository, since updating the packages from the unofficial port is very dangerous.

      Best regards

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