Red Ribbon GNU/Linux RC 4

The Release Candidate 4 has been published and It contains the following changes:

  • Fixed the problem that occurs when the Installer copies the files to the storage device.
  • Fixed issue with bluetooth connectivity.
  • Lshw as the hardware viewer.
  • GParted as the partition manager.
  • Added the french dictionary to the Installer. Thanks samprod67 for your translation. 🙂

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux RC 3

The Release Candidate 3 has been published and It contains the following changes:

  • English is now the default language on the LiveCD mode.
  • The installer now allows to select the language to be used in the system once it is installed on a storage device.
  • Added the english and spanish dictionaries to the installer.
  • Added a network manager pre-configured to support wireless networks.

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux RC 1

A new distribution was born and it’s called Red Ribbon GNU/Linux.

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux is a new PPC64 GNU/Linux distribution with support for Cell/BE, designed for Sony PS3.

All the software contained on this distribution is freely available with either GPL or Creative Commons:

  • The operating system is based on Debian GNU/Linux.
  • The kernel includes the Graf_chokolo’s modules and Marcan patches, both licensed by GPL.
  • The background image in the input window and the desktop has been designed by Sascha Wenninger and licensed by Creative Commons.
  • The LiveCD and the installer has been developed by R04drunner and licensed by GPL.

All the necessary documentation is available at the project wiki.