Red Ribbon GNU/Linux

New Online Update available

This update has been designed only for the RC 6 and It includes the following changes:

  • New keyboard configuration tool that supports multiple layouts.
  • Added the keyboard layout switcher.
  • Iceweasel (Firefox) updated to the 17 release.

You need to connect the PS3 to the internet, open a lxterminal and download the file:


Then, you must execute it:

sudo sh

And wait until finished.

This update will be included on the next release of the LiveCD.

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  1. The red ribbon rc6 uses the 8cores of cell?

    • Hi,

      Yes, Red Ribbon uses the two PPEs and the seven enabled SPEs of cell (the 8th SPE has been disabled during manufacturing).

      You can verify it by executing the next command on a terminal:

      cat /proc/cpuinfo


  2. Does the livecd come with the kernel sources+patches? Thanks!

    • Hi,

      The LiveCD is limited in size and It includes only the necessary packages.

      The kernel headers are included to allow compile modules. But if you need to compile a complete kernel, you can download the kernel from the official website and apply the Gitbrew’s patches.

      Best regards

  3. The red ribbon uses all of the ps3 hardware?
    Have unrestricted acess of the ps3?
    Can i install fluxbox ?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, only 224 MB of the 256 MB of RAM are available for OtherOS and the RSX driver is still in development.

      Yes, you can install the window manager that you want, if It is available in the repository.


  4. please i’d like some help with red ribbon gives tis message when installing”set up files failed, can’t continue”.and i followed all the steps like i did on red ribbon rc5.i’m using otheros++ 22gb on cfw355.i realy liked rribbon rc5 the best performance on ps3 i ever experienced,i’d like to install the candidate 6.please some help,i? apreciated,thnk you