Red Ribbon GNU/Linux

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux RC 6

Red Ribbon Release Candidate 6 is based on Debian Wheezy and It includes the following changes:

  • Kernel 3.5.2 with the Graf_chokolo's, Marcan's andΒ Gitbrew's patches.
  • New version of the installer with some features added and some bugs fixed.
  • The installer now supports the portuguese language.
  • Added a notification alert when the disk space is lower than 100 MB.
  • Kboot-setup now supports a config file.
  • New version of the Red Ribbon theme.
  • Added Gnome Users-admin as the user administration tool.
  • Iceweasel (Firefox) updated to the 14 release.
  • Added Gnome Time-admin as the date and time administration tool.
  • Added the kernel headers and the build tools.
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  1. Thanks a lot for your work. I thought Linux on PS3 was dead. All developers are working on pirated games. I’ll try this as soon as I can.

    • Hi!

      I’m glad you find it useful. πŸ™‚

      The return of GNU/Linux to the PS3 has been made possible by sceners as Graf_chokolo, Marcan and the Gitbrew team.

      I have contributed my bit, trying to unify and simplify the installation process.

      I enjoyed and learned a lot during the building of this distribution and I will continue working to improve and make it more usable for users.


  2. Thank you so much for this release. I recently installed linux on my PS3 for the first time.

    I switched from kmeaw 3.55 to rebug 3.55.2 otheros. Restored my system settings (so otheros could set aside 22gb free space for *ix). Installed piteteboot. Partitioned the space otheros set aside. Once I got that figured out I was able to install your distro very easily.

    Most of the tutorials on the internet for setting up otheros are outdated and contain dead megaupload links. πŸ™ I have the advanced experince with *ix (I’m a CS grad student), but the whole process of finding the most up to date method for enabeling otheros and then actually getting a working download link to the freaking files was a nightmare. Oh and then of course none of the gitbrew links worked either. *sigh*

    But your distro is absolutly wonderful and I am so glad to see a flickering light in deep dark abandoned tunnel that is the PS3 Linux scene. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    • Hello!

      It’s a sorrow that Sony only gave a partial support to GNU/Linux for finally, to decide to remove it.

      But the sceners have been working to bring back OtherOS and also they are improving it to obtain the potential that the PS3 offers.

      I’m going to keep on contributing my bit, working on this distribution, to make it more intuitive and easier to use. πŸ™‚


  3. Hi,

    I’m using RR on two PS3 models, CECH2004b and CECH 2104b, both CFW 3.55 OtherOS++. RC6 works perfectly on CECH 2004b
    but on the newer system following problem occurs both on live CD and disc version: If a shutdown/reboot command is called, Linux
    prepares to shutdown but the hardware finally stays switched on with the last message on screen “System will restart”. And after a
    while “task reboot blocked for more than 120 seconds”.

    In petitboot with ps3utils I can properly restart/poweroff and even with RR RC5. Unfortunately ps3utils don’t work in RR because of the error “/dev/ps3flash no such file”. In fact I don’t know which existing drive I have to point to.

    Are you aware of the problem above? Did you run RR on CECH2104x? Are you interested in fixing the issue? – probably I’m not alone
    with the problem.


    • Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply.

      Can you try using the new update? If It persists, we will have to find out what may be happening.


  4. Hello,

    I have tried to install Red Ribbon Linux on a PS3 version 3.15.
    But when the system reboots, Kboot or petitboot never display
    any of the message β€’Red Ribbon – OtherOS β€’Red Ribbon – Asbestos
    therefore the only way to get Red Ribbon to work is with the CD.
    Do you have a solution ?
    Thank you.

    • Hi!

      Can you mount the HDD using the LiveCD and check if the kboot.conf file was created properly on the etc directory?


      • I had to reinstall then I looked in etc and there is a kboot.conf
        but petitboot (I tried different version of petitboot) does not seem
        to find or load etc/kboot.conf.
        FYI I have fat PS3 with verison 3.15 installed.

        • Hi!

          Please, try with this Petitboot version.


          • Hello,

            I have the same result(s), petitboot does not find
            kboot.conf in /etc.
            I think I was wrong in my previous statement, there is
            no kboot.conf in /etc.
            When I use petitboot and look in /etc kboot.conf is not
            there, I tried to copy it from a USB stick, then it shows
            in /etc, but when I turn OFF & ON the PS3, it is not in /etc
            any more ?
            Also, could you implement a fast format, it takes such a long time to format ?
            Is it possible to have a minimum packages installation
            for the same reason, it takes a while to copy all packages.
            Thank you.
            Pascal Perin

          • Actually, Petitboot is an embedded Linux system and It has his own etc directory. The kboot.conf file is contained on your HDD system partition (ps3dd1).

            You must verify if the ps3dd1 partition is mounted. You can do it executing the “mount” command.

            If It is mounted, for example, on /tmp/petitboot/mnt/ps3dd1, you can verify the kboot file by executing:

            cat /tmp/petitboot/mnt/ps3dd1/etc/kboot.conf.

            If the ps3dd1 partition is not mounted, you must try to mount it by executing:

            mkdir /mnt/ps3dd1
            mount /dev/ps3dd1 /mnt/ps3dd1

            Then you can verify the kboot file by executing:

            cat /mnt/ps3dd1/etc/kboot.conf.

            If you can’t mount the ps3dd1 partition, please tell me the message.

            Also, you can execute the next command and tell me the result:

            fdisk -l /dev/ps3dd


          • Hi,

            The cat command returns:
            cat: can’t open ‘/tmp/petitboot/mnt/ps3dd1/etc/kboot.conf’: no such file or directory
            The mount command returns:
            mount: mounting /dev/ps2dd1 on mnt/ps3dd1 failed: no such file or directory
            The fdisk command returns:
            fdsik: can’t open ‘/dev/ps3dd1’: no such file or directory.

            Remember I format the disk under GAMEOS command built in verison 3.15
            May be this why it does not work properly ?


          • It’s very strange.

            Please, can you execute this command and tell me the result?

            fdisk -l


          • Hi,

            fdisk /dev/ps3da: 60.0GB
            255 heads, 63 sectors/track,7295 cyl

            disk /dev/ps3da does not contain a valid partition table.

            FYI, I had Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 installed on the same machine a while ago
            and it was working, but Yelloe Dog Linux is very slow and has an old kernel.

          • It seems as if Petitboot has not detect the otheros partition. It is very strange.

            Can you try this command using your previous version of Petitboot?


          • I have tried different version of petitboot and got
            the same result.
            I am giving up trying for now.
            Thank you for your help, this is very nice of you.
            The only thing I can think of is that with Yellow Dog Linux
            there is a manual partitioning, which let people choose
            where to start/finish partitions with clusters numbers.
            I always had good luck with it, and Yellow Dog Linux
            worked fine.
            Best regards,

          • Hi

            I’m sorry. I’m having problems with the repair of the Fat model and I can’t test it :(.

            As soon as I can, I will try to find out what It could be happening.

            Best regards

  5. Hi R04drunner,

    I want to write some code that utilizes SIMD instructions. What is equivalent to type _m128 in x86 SSE? Do I need to install the Cell SDK?

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi,

    This is a special request to R04drunner or whoever who wants to take up a wee challenge of integrating RSXGL into the current or future release of Red Ribbon Linux

    A little 3D acceleration will do wonders in Linux on our PS3’s

    • Hi!

      Actually, this a library that implements parts of the OpenGL 3.1 core profile specification for the PlayStation 3’s RSX GPU.

      It’s suitable for use in programs that have exclusive access to the RSX, such as GameOS software (and is likely unsuitable for implementing a multitasking desktop, as the library doesn’t arbitrate access to the RSX).

      The RSX driver is still in developing. When It be available, I will integrate it on Red Ribbon. πŸ™‚


      • Thank you good sir or ma’am πŸ™‚ I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on every release

        So glad the lv0 keys have been leaked hopefully these keys will make things a bit easy on you developers πŸ™‚

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