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New Online Update available

This update integrates the wireless driver for the slims models developed by gitbrew. It has been designed only for the RC 5 or lower and It will be included on the next release of the LiveCD.

This driver only supports STA mode (infrastructure) and WPA/WPA2 for now.

You need to connect the PS3 to the internet using the wired connection, open a lxterminal and download the file:


Then, you can execute it:

sudo sh

And wait until finished.

If while executing it asks:

You are running a kernel (version 2.6.38-powerpc64) and attempting to remove the same version. This is a potentially disastrous action. Not only will /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.38-powerpc64 be removed, making it impossible to boot it, (you will have to take action to change your boot loader to boot a new kernel), it will also remove all modules under the directory /lib/modules/2.6.38-powerpc64. Just having a copy of the kernel image is not enough, you will have to replace the modules too.

I repeat, this is very dangerous. If at all in doubt, answer Yes. If you know exactly what you are doing, and are prepared to hose your system, then answer No.

Do you want to abort removal now?

You must answer NO.

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  1. If i try to install the second update rr does not install/update anything????
    I´d first install the former update

    • Hi,

      Don’t worry 🙂

      Actually, the “online updates” are scripts to download and install the lastest packages from the online repository, and sometimes, to change a configuration and remove or install other packages.

      When you launch an online update, It downloads and installs all the updated packages. If you launch another online update after, It will not download packages beacuse all packages have already been updated.

      Best regards

  2. Hi R04drunner,

    Been trying to find a way to contact you, and as a last hope I figured I would contact you here.

    Downloaded and burned that latest RC5 to CD, used a otheros.bld from an Ubunutu CD while installing OtherOS. While at kboot screen, I select the OtherOS option and it just freezes up and deregistering USBs.

    I can however install Ubuntu fine. Is there something I’ve done wrong? I’ve tried to download RC4 or previous but ALL links/torrents are dead.

    FYI – PS3 running 3.15.


    • Hi Johnny,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply.

      Unfortunately, at this moment my Fat PS3 is being repaired 🙁

      As soon as it has been repaired, I will downgrade it to 3.15 FW and I will try to check and solve the problem.

      The RC5 and the RC4 are very similar and I think that the same problem will occur with the RC4.


      • Hi R04drunner,

        Lucky I checked back 🙂 – saw a new version was just released and downloading currently, I unfortunately never got RC4/5 working on my PS3 no matter what I tried :(.

        Hoping you got your Fat PS3 back and can see if its something common, or maybe just point out where I am going wrong.

        Do you have a better way of communication, if not, I’ll check back in a few days.

        Thanks again for your continued work!

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